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DeforestAction is about saving the forest in Borneo and beyond. This codeplex project hosts the software to support this goal.

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General information

Idea behind earthwatchers

DeforestACTION is a global project that brings together young people across the planet with the goal of stopping deforestation in Borneo and protecting the habitat of wild Orangutans.

EartWatchers: Planet Patrol
this project is developing the (web)tools for students all over the world to monitor rainforests using updated satellite imagery to provide real time intelligence required to halt illegal deforestation. The project started as a pilot in the province of sintang, west borneo where agreements are established with the local community chiefs and the governor who support this project and offered their executive power to take ground action in stopping illegal activities. and it is expected to be extended to all over the world where forest needs protection.

Threaten high-value pristine forest in Borneo was split in unique square kilometre cells, and each cell can be allocated to unique participants (called earthWatchers) who monitor it as new satellite imagery becomes available. When they suspect changes/cuts in the forest they will report it in the web system and everyone can confirm/disconfirm, operating in a crowd-sourcing approach (using social media). The most suspected areas will be visited by a special team on the ground to prove the suspected activities, report back to the EarthWatchers and involve the local executive power to stop the illegal activities.

Education proposition
This project contributes to the development of the education frameworks by enabling users all over the world to do collaborative learning (students co-create content and help each other using the social media capabilities of the system) and being engaged with real data acting on a real project. The project will develop the learning materials to allow the students to understand and process satellite data including SAR data. It will enable (Radar) satellite imagery concepts to be learned in highschools by developing tutorials, content and online tools to understand, analyse and use these data sets. This will position (radar) satellite imagery in the mainstream education and build a vast knowledge base and user base from the early stages, allowing such technology (that has been limited to the realm of scientists and institutions) to be available to everyone.

First demo version of the Eartwatcher client:

Database: SQL Azure
Hosting map tiles,database, services, client: Azure
Remote sensing images: TMS tiles created by MapTiler
Services: REST (Json/XML) with WCF Web API -
Database mapper: Dapper
- Silverlight: Mapsui
- Windows Phone 7 with Bing Maps
- Todo: Surface, Android, IPhone, Html/javascript
Helpers: .NET port of GeoHex, Restsharp

- install visual studio 2010 sp1
- install silverlight toolkit april 2010
- install latest windows azure tools
- install portable library tool

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