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Currently, the Earthwatchers Database contains the following tables

table name purpose
Earthwatcher Stores information about users (name, id, guid)

Stores information about Land. A piece of land is a hexagon identified by it's GeoHexKey. Land has a distance from Sintang, Kalimantan (updated with a stored procedure in the database) and a LandThreat (threat for deforestation, see table ThreatLevel and geohexkeycodes; updated by a stored procedure). A piece of land has 0 or 1 owner (an earthwatcher) and 0..6 neighbours. The distribution of new pieces of land to new owners is based on the following set of criteria:

- closest to Sintang

- highest thread level

- not yet occupied

SatelliteImage Stores information about individual satellite images in the database (provider, extent, temporal aspect, type of satellite)

Polygons indicating the threat level for deforestation. These polygons are used to dispatch new pieces of land. These should be located in areas with highest threat levels (see sample image below)

This table is only used during preparation of the geohexkeycodes table.

New versions of this table have to be processed into the database:

- new version of geohexkeycodes needed when extent is enlarged

- update geohexkeycodes with landthreat by spatial join in arcmap TODO add buffer around geohexkeycodes to ensure total coverage of all lands under threat!


Used for preparation. Contains all possible geohexkeycodes of the area covered by ThreadLevel. It als contains the LandThreat. This value is updated from ThreatLevel during preparation in ArcMap using a spatial join operation.

When extent of ThreatLevel is enlarged, new geohexkeycodes are needed and have to be processed.

DeforestationConfirmers Holds information about confirmers: Earthwatchers that confirm deforestation reports of others.
DeforestationDeConfirmers Holds information about deconfirmers: Earthwatchers that challenge reports of deforestation.


Stored procedures

The database contains a number of stored procedures which are used by the various services.

Not described yet. See database for details.

Stored procedure Description



Database diagram

Tables & relationships:

How to upload shapefile into the database


  • Select shapefile to upload & run:

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