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Windows Phone 7 Application

The current basic functionality is:
- log in, with only a user name;
- retreive the land informatie from a service; when the username is correct. Note: on may 25, 2011, you can use username "rob" to get info. This may change!
- show a Bing Map (Aerial);
- zoom to, and show, the hexagon, which is the piece of land the user is responsable for;
- tap on the hexagon will open a Page with some information;

The Application is a Silverlight WP7 application, written in C# .Net. It can be extended with all kind of functionality. The main thing could be: after tapping the hexagon, the info page is opened. There you see both the current and the previous aerial pictures of you land, so you can compare if there's something going on. There is already a service that provides URL's to tile images based upon the hexagon's LatLon coordinates.

Another nice feature would be: when you tap next to, but outside, the visible hexagon, you will see information about the adjacent piece of land.

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